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Zero Impunity

Directed by Nicolas Blies, Stephane Hueber-Blies & Denis Lambert

YEAR 2018
GENRE Animated documentary
COUNTRY Luxembourg, France
LANGUAGE English, Syrian, Ukrainian, French

An animated documentary, part of a global transmedia project combining investigative journalism and activism, aimed at ending the seemingly total impunity for the use of sexual violence in current armed conflicts, featuring inspiring victims around the world who have the courage to break their silence.

Although our contemporary society has ample legal arsenals to condemn sexual violence in times of war, impunity remains total. Men and women have only just started to raise their voices:  by telling their stories, they engage us in their struggle for justice and the slow process of healing these deep wounds. 

Alisa is a survivor of sexual violence during the Donbass conflict in Ukraine, an area where war is not even recognized; Mark, one of the former interrogators in Guantanamo, denounces the institutionalized system of sexual torture put in place by the United States; Fatima, mother of 11-year-old Nora, abducted like thousands of other children and sexually tortured in the prisons of the Syrian regime…

These stories confront us with the most obscure and horrendous mechanics of international institutions, a look backstage behind contemporary conflicts, spotlighting those who have the courage to engage, resist and mobilize.

How can we rebuild ourselves when the values that define us have been stamped on and reduced to nothing? Zero Impunity offers a voice and solutions to this dreaded universal social norm. A film about love, life and humanity. 

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